Built up Roofing

Atlanta Built-up Roofing Contractors

Affordable Roofing Atlanta has lots of experience in installing and repairing Built-up Roofing. BUR is the commonest roofing material for low-slope and flat roofs. It comprises alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen and is finished with a top layer of either stone or gravel. The manufacturers use special fabrics that are reinforced with fiberglass or organic materials for the ply sheets. Each ply sheet is placed on hot or cold bitumen to bond it to the roof. Cold built-up roofing performs better than hot built-up roofing.

The gravel or stone top layer provides a nice finish and helps to protect the layers below it from sunlight and possible damage from falling or flying debris. It also makes it safe to walk on the roof without slipping. The built-up roofing system can last between 15 and 30 years, but in some cases up to 40 years. It performs better in warmer climates than in cold regions.

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