Modified Bitumen Roofing

Let Affordable Roofing Atlanta install your modified bitumen roof. We have many years of experience and loads of inside expertise in installing and maintaining this roofing system.

Modified bitumen is the modern take on built-up roofing and it offers the same level of protection. It is the most popular choice for commercial and residential flat and low-slope roofs. It is a single-ply system made of modified polymers and bitumen, and reinforced with fiberglass and/or polyester.


Modified bitumen roofing has the following features that give it a competitive advantage that few other roofing systems can match. It is:

  • Tear resistant. The combination of fiberglass and/or polyester make it extremely tear-resistant. That makes it ideal for low-slope roofs with high traffic, such as rooftop cafes.
  • Energy efficient. The top layer can be treated to give it cool features such as solar reflectance (ability to reflect sunlight) and thermal emission (ability to release absorbed heat). This reduces the need for indoor cooling, and saves energy.
  • Bitumen is naturally waterproof, so a properly installed roof is a great waterproof commercial roofing choice.
  • This roofing system is impact resistant and it can expand and contract without losing shape during temperature shifts. This makes it an ideal commercial roofing choice.
  • Easy to repair and maintain. Should the roof tear, repair can easily and quickly be done through bitumen patches. With our professional installation and regular roof maintenance, this is a rare occurrence.