Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Contractors – Dallas, TX Flat Roof Specialists

If you need to install built-up roofing, hot tar roofing, or modified bitumen roofing for custom office developments, we are the best Atlanta commercial roofing contractors to talk to. We also install TPO/EPDM roofs for all commercial properties including offices, service centers, showrooms, free-standing centers, and strip centers.

If you need a new roof for your business building, we will help you to determine the best type for your building. We are experts in installing various types of roof. Each type has its own type of structure and business use. Industrial use buildings, where chemicals are involved, require a different roof from general office or service or showroom buildings. So, you need roofing experts like Affordable Roofing Atlanta to help you determine the best roofing for your building.

Your Roofing Options

There are various types of roofing in Atlanta that we can install, repair, and maintain. These are discussed below.

TPO Roofing

TPO is the most used roofing system for commercial and industrial buildings with flat roofs. This type of roof is cost effective, recyclable, flame retardant, green, and has an Energy Star Rating. Read more…

Built-up Roofing

BUR is the commonest roofing material for low-slope and flat roofs. It comprises alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen and is finished with a top layer of either stone or gravel. Read more…

Hot Tar Roofing Experts

Affordable Roofing Atlanta has inhouse expertise in installing Hot Tar Roofing in Atlanta. Hot Tar roofing is one of the oldest roofing systems (over 100 years old) and it is still in use today. Read more…

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is the most popular choice for commercial and residential flat roofs. It offers leak, tear, UV, and heat resistance, which give it a competitive advantage that few other roofing systems can match.